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The first step in our process is to work with you to set your business goals. The next step is to evaluate your current performance. From here we choose our target goal to work on.


During the first part in this phase we design a training program based on your company’s needs. Second we implement the training plan and measure results throughout.


During the final phase of our process we review the results from the educate portion and determine whether to continue working on that area or, move on to the next goal.

Our Process

The Importance of Training…Not that kind of Train

The Importance of Training Your Employees Many owners of small and medium-sized businesses fail to recognize the added value brought to the table by well-trained employees, even though they wouldn't dream of hiring unqualified employees. There are also situations...

Sales Failure Series #3

  Selling Failure: You Can’t Ask for the Order This is the classic problem that nobody wants to talk about and certainly do not want to admit. So many people have a deeply rooted psychological problem with actually asking for the order. We are not the “Jerry Maguire”...

Sales Failure Series #2

  Selling Failure: You Forget to Sell Are you shaking your head? Asking, “What does that even mean?”. Every week we see people get busy and forget to sell. If you read our last post we know, deep down inside they really don’t want to do it anyway. It is really easy to...

Sales Failure Series #1

  Selling Failure: You Think Selling is Sleazy The attitude that selling is a sleazy job that puts you on the level of a really pushy used car salesman is far more common than most people realize. Most new business owners don’t realize that selling is really the key...

The Power of Introverted Leaders

  The Power of Introverted Leaders   The levels of introversion in the general population range from 33-50%, depending on who you ask.  However, in the corporate world, particularly at leadership levels, the levels of introversion are drastically below the...


Happy customers.

Since working with Corey I have seen a huge difference in progress in my own business, as well as the way I run my business. Corey is always willing to help people around him and and I think the kind of person he is really reflects in how he does business with others.


Shawn Geauvreau

Owner, Sparx Superior Welding Ltd.

Jacqueline is a talented trainer. Jacqueline is intuitive in regards to methods of delivering knowledge and guidance in training the manager to excel in managing subordinates, students and situations to achieve great outcomes. This training is done with humor, candor and great concern while instilling ethics and demonstrating ||teaching moments|| to those in the training group.


Ken Baxter

Medical Assistant, Clinical Lead at Hobson Meadows Family Medicine

Since I have started working more closely with Corey, I have seen the progress in my business development take off, and I know I would not be where I am today without his constant support. I love working with Corey because he makes his client’s interests his own, and will often check in on you before you even think about checking in on yourself!


Kevin Langman

Financial Coach

I know that Jacqueline started in a Faculty role, and became a Program Chair before moving into the training department where she became a standout trainer for Corinthian Colleges. She excelled in all of those roles because she always put “learners first.”


Erin English, M.Ed, CPC

Manager of Leadership and Professional Development

He and his group conducted a great analysis of a small business, identifying their business process and marketing opportunities, and supplementing it with significant depth and solid recommendations for the business' IS practice. I can attest to Corey's strong oral and written communications skills, as well as solid critical thinking skills, along with a talent for spotting underserved market niches.


Blake Kanewischer

Faculty, School of Business at SAIT