Selling Failure: You Think Selling is Sleazy

The attitude that selling is a sleazy job that puts you on the level of a really pushy used car salesman is far more common than most people realize. Most new business owners don’t realize that selling is really the key to success and find it beneath them. Selling does not come naturally to many of us, there a very few “born sales people” and the ones that are very good often stick to a career in that alone. For the rest of the world having to beat a path to a prospective client is not a natural thing to do.

Many new businesses make the huge mistake of thinking that customers will somehow track them down. It will not happen. New business owners must realize that all of the comforts (i.e. a sales team) of having a job are gone.



Can you get over this aversion?

Thinking selling is sleazy can be changed by looking at things in this way. If you believe in yourself, your product, your service, begin by simply telling people what you can do. Make it clear that you know what you are talking about and what you expect to charge. You don’t have to be a “master closer”, just be open, honest and enthusiastic. You will start to learn what works for you.