Selling Failure: You Forget to Sell

Are you shaking your head? Asking, “What does that even mean?”. Every week we see people get busy and forget to sell. If you read our last post we know, deep down inside they really don’t want to do it anyway. It is really easy to fall into the trap of “I’m really busy, I better get all my work done!”


What happens when you finally get to the end of your work?

Hooray! Except it sounds like you’ve shouted it over the Grand Canyon, the echo comes from an empty refrigerator. Over the years we have seen many small businesses fail or come dangerously close because they forgot to refill the funnel, sales funnel that is. No pipeline, no work and believe us it’s easier to sell work when you’re not worried about selling work. No matter how busy you get, devote a set amount of time to business development, and that includes selling!