Selling Failure: You Can’t Ask for the Order

This is the classic problem that nobody wants to talk about and certainly do not want to admit. So many people have a deeply rooted psychological problem with actually asking for the order. We are not the “Jerry Maguire” type of people who can just scream “Show me the MONEY!”. You need to understand that being unable to ask for the order will likely prevent you from being a successful business owner.


As Long as You Haven’t Asked They Haven’t Said No.

You have a proposal into a potential customer and you have discussed it, changed it, maybe even given a discount but still haven’t been given the green light. For the simple reason that you don’t want to hear bad news, you wait. If you don’t have the confidence to push for a decision, you’re really signalling your prospective client that you are not all that sure of yourself. Gather your guts and go get a decision, asking for the order has to happen so make time for the visit and get your decision.