“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

At Change Your Game we simply do not agree!

Our Philosophy

Improving your business is often like doing a home renovation. First we must find out which walls are load bearing, what we need to keep and what we can safely remove. This is the Change Your Game process called “Evaluate.”. Just like in home renovation we don’t always like the things we hear. In business and in renovations sometimes when we start we find mold or old wiring that has to be dealt with in order to move forward. The main point is that we know exactly what we are dealing with and can create a plan to move forward and improve.

Once we have the blueprints and the foundation for a plan we can begin to teach you how to get the most out of your “renovation”. As with many home renovations we choose the parts that will have the greatest impact. Working through the most impactful part of your business that has room for improvement ensures the biggest improvements in the nearest horizon. Change Your Game wants to train you and your business to ensure service and products are a consistent experience for your clients. This is the Change Your Game “Educate.” phase.

A top tier experience by your customers is not a guarantee they will return but a poor experience is almost certainly a guarantee that they will not. This is where the Change Your Game phase “Elevate.” comes in. Drive your company’s success by constant improvement. Follow up evaluation and refresher classes to maintain new standards and success.


The first step in our process is to work with you to set your business goals. The next step is to evaluate your current performance. From here we choose our target goal to work on.


During the first part in this phase we design a training program based on your company’s needs. Second we implement the training plan and measure results throughout.


During the final phase of our process we review the results from the educate portion and determine whether to continue working on that area or, move on to the next goal.

Corey Allard

Corey Allard


Corey Allard is the founder of Change Your Game. His focus is on helping businesses be better through training with a three-step approach: evaluate, educate and elevate.

Corey is known for his ability to combine eternal optimism with unflinching honesty. He’s not afraid to give a flashy startup the kick in the butt it needs when business is slow. He has boundless energy, which means he can stick with clients through rough patches until they find the smoother path.

Corey’s draws from his experience working in telecommunications, sales and retail (as well as an accounting degree) to design tailored training programs for clients.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, and comes from a long line of small business owners. His great, great grandfather opened the first bakery on Stephen Avenue in 1897. He figures that entrepreneurship is just in his blood.

Corey studied management at the University of Lethbridge and has 14 years of progressive management experience leading large teams over many locations. Corey spent seven years in sales and management for two international retailers before realizing his passion was working with small businesses. Corey helped grow several small part-time businesses into full time companies with several employees. Corey’s expertise is focused in strategic planning, training, and business turnarounds.

Jacqueline Nelles, CPT

Jacqueline Nelles, CPT

Vice President of Training

Jacqueline is a Certified Performance Technologist, only one of twenty-five in Canada, a Certified Adult Educator and Corporate Trainer. She also holds her Bachelors of Science in Education Management. As a CPT, Jacqueline has increased performance metrics in company turnover, improved compliance, accreditation processes and standards for her clients and build Capstone Bench programs  to retain talent. With 15 years of experience in higher education and leading training initiatives she continues to build upon existing strengths in individuals and change lives.

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