Providing training is an opportunity to show your commitment to the personal growth of your team in your workplace.

Productivity Training

Imagine getting it all together, staying on track and focused to make more progress than you have ever done before!

Business Development

There are no shortcuts in sales. Use our seven module process to build your business and solve your client’s needs.

Retail Skills

Brick and mortar locations are big expense and risk, learn to get the most out of your staff and square feet.

Custom Training

Do you have a specific need for yourself or your business? A custom solution can get you back on track or to the next level.

Business Basics

Learn the basics in sales, bookkeeping and general business you need to get started on your own over two half day sessions.

Management Skills

We offer management workshops applicable to all industries because it all boils down to people, attitude and, performance.


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Business Development

The Change Your Game Business Development program is broken down into six smaller modules. The modules are, Prospecting, Dialling for Dollars, The Meeting, Developing a Solution, Making the Deal and Follow Up. This program is a new take on sales and quite the opposite of what you might be used to. Our aim is to take the discomfort away from the seller and the buyer, you won’t find any hard selling here!

Change Your Game Corp.

Retail Skills

Retail Sales:
A one-day introduction, how to be successful in retail, this is the perfect introductory course for providing basic selling skills for your staff or brushing up on existing skills.

Retail Sales (Advanced):
A well-trained salesperson will outsell an untrained salesperson every single day of the week. This workshop offers an in-depth look at retail sales and how to get the most out of your sales people and your square feet.

Done effectively, shoppers will not only be enticed into the store from the street, they’ll also leave with items, including a host of additional related and unrelated treasures. This course will teach you the basic of who, what, where, and why. Ask one of our trainers about the “bum-brush” rule!

Change Your Game Corp.

Management Training

Situational Leadership® II (SLII®): is a model for developing people, over time, so they can reach their highest level of performance on a specific goal or task. It is a process for helping people become self-motivated and self-directed. SLII® is based on a relationship between the individual’s level of competence and commitment (development level) on a specific goal or task and the amount of direction and support (leadership style) the leader provides. Effective leadership lies in matching the appropriate leadership style to the individual’s development level.

Retail Management:
A retail sales management course, a master plan on how to run your retail floor and generate more sales. If you’re still talking to your staff about name tags and showing up for work on time, you might be playing a very small game. One that steals your energy and time needed to increase sales. This will put you on track to drive sales, not just hope they happen.

Multi-Location Management:
A district manager’s job is not to be a substitute for poor performing managers. The supervision of multiple locations is often the biggest reason many businesses fail to expand. Yet the position has been relatively undefined in retail for decades. This is the definitive course on how to build a chain or district of highly accountable, high-performance retail stores.

Change Your Game Corp.

Start Up Basics

This program is a half day for brand new business owners or people thinking of starting their own business. Designed to reduce the “noise” from friends and family, this program will give you the information and sources to begin making informed decisions. We will discuss the basics of invoices and expenses, some of the reasons for incorporating or operating as a sole proprietor. Other topics include, price setting, unexpected costs, and a few others. With technology in it’s current form we can test almost any business idea for less than $1000.

Change Your Game Corp.

Custom Packages

Do you have a specific need for yourself or your business? A custom solution can get you back on track or to the next level. We also offer our Evaluate services if you can’t quite put your finger on what could use a boost. Change Your Game is here to help!

Change Your Game Corp.

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